Meet yourAI waiter.

Easy Integration.

Sign into your POS account through our website, we'll assign you a number, and Sweetspot orders will pop up in your terminal.

Low Fees.

It's your money, not ours.

User Friendly.

Have your customers text your Sweetspot number, no app required.


Takes Orders.

We process and keep track of customer orders via text message, providing an easy and routine ordering experience.

Answers Questions.

We handle questions such as food recommendations and general information about your business.

Markets & Upsells.

We market your restaurant to your loyal customers and upsell sides or drinks prior to checkout - closing higher value sales.

With Sweetspot,

30 seconds to order

vs.5 minutes on apps & websites

98% open rate

vs.2% on marketing emails



Unlimited texts
Personal phone number
24/7 support

$100/mo +
2.5% per order

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